Social Media

Social Media refers to the different ways people create, exchange, and share content together in online communities.
Most people think of social media as just Facebook and Twitter, but in recent years social media has become an essential tool for business to contact new potential clients, and engage with existing ones.
These days, many people check their Facebook (and other) updates before even checking their email.
We have always been social creatures, wanting to interact with others, take and share advice, and seek recommendations from other people, social media is just the extension of that using new technological tools.
How can Social Media work for you? consider the following scenarios –

1. You announce a sale or promotion on your Facebook page, one of your existing clients interacts with it (comments on the post, likes it, or shares it), and suddenly all of THEIR friends, who might never had heard of your business get a notification about it.

2. You provide exceptional service to one of your clients, and they post a comment on that on one of your online profiles (Google Place, Facebook, Website comment). Later, a potential client looking for your services finds that although there are many competitors, your profile has the most or the best positive comments, and calls you first.

3. A previous customer joined (Liked) your Facebook page, and through regular updates, always keeps your name in mind for the next time he needs your service, or is asked by a friend for a recommendation.

4. You offer a promotion, that is instantaneously delivered to all your existing and previous clients

There are many more examples of successful social media stories, let’s make you one of them.

What Treetop can offer

Every business is different, and every business should treat social media differently. There is no one solution to all, and we have no problem suggesting to you that your business might not benefit from tools such as Twitter or Facebook if we feel that that is the case.
We develop a unique and individual Social Media profile for every business we work with – and make suggestions appropriately. We can then build your social presence using the tools that are available – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Personal blog, and more.

Social Media Management Service

Social Media is an ongoing process, and most organizations don’t have the time or the expertise to update their profiles regularly, that’s why we offer our Social Media Management Service – for a monthly fee, our media experts will post on your Facebook page, Tweet on your Tweeter account, produce and edit YouTube videos for your YouTube Channel, or even Blog (or blog edit) for you.
We work with you and for you. We can work with little guidance – finding, generating, and posting autonomously, or we can send you regular recommendations for you to approve before we post.

Blogging Service

We can not only create a blog for you, but also generate content for you. We can either do regular blog posts, or edit your posts.