About Us

We use our web savvy and social media skills to tap into the thousands of conversations taking place in your community and beyond. Our goal is to make sure your name is on the tips of everyone’s virtual tongues. We get people following you and talking about you. Got a social media presence already? Great; we’ll show you what more can be done.  Not sure what you need? No problem; we’ll create a customized proposal just for you. Need training? We can train your staff, build and maintain your website, build and maintain your social media sites, create, write and edit blogs and vlogs to drive visitors to your business, and back again.

Social media marketing strategy: Do you have a social media budget but don’t know where to start? We’ll start with a personalized assessment of your needs, your reach thus far, and craft a plan for long term social media prominence and success.
Implementation: Do you have an existing social media plan but it is not getting the results? Maybe you’re having trouble measuring your success? We’ll work with you to expand your reach, jazz up your skill set and develop a series of flexible and innovative best practices for the future.
Software: There are hundreds of Search Engine Optimization tools and thousands more social media tools. How do you choose the right ones and track the new as they crop up? With our customized approach, we can narrow down the options to what works best for you.
Analysis & audit: We provide an in-depth examination of your website, from the design, to the fonts, to the photography. We’ll look at your site’s presence across all existing networks and set to work to improve your reach. From Digg, to Youtube, to Facebook, we cater to your budget and staffing realities.
Profile creation: what social networks are you already tapped into? We’ll identify where you should be, and what people are saying about where you are. We’ll create and manage your social media profiles to attract new visitors and turn a one-way conversation into a hailstorm of hits.
Logo creation and strategy: A badge, logo or favicon is a great way to spread your brand for instant online recognition and leverage. We’ll create interactive badges that will position you as an authority in your area or industry and build links to potential partners and followers all over the world.
Widget Installation: We can install and customize a widget that will work for your site, expand your reach and create a relationship with end users that they will come to rely on.
Blog design, setup, maintenance: A boring, unattractive or marginal blog won’t spread your message or show up in a search engine. We’ll find the best blogging platform for your needs, optimize your blog for success, write and edit for you and help spread the word. We’ll do this as often as you like, based on your daily, weekly, monthly or annual needs.
Blog strategy customization: once we’ve created your blog, we’ll develop a strategy to expand your reach within the greater community. We’ll provide advice and consultation on blog posts, comments and shares, so the world knows where you stand.
Community building: Social media is all about creating and participating in community; we’ll outline which communities may be interested in your activities, who is worth approaching and assist you in forming and maintaining partnerships and new relationships.

Contact us today to see how we can help you expand your reach.