Something Unique!

Your business is different

That's why we want to give you a unique service with customized campaigns, website payment (even without a merchant account), specialized forms and website specific to your business.

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let\'s connect you with existing and new clients

Your clients are important

We offer full social media support. We'll create and maintain your blog, Youtube channel, Facebook page and Twitter accounts. We'll write for you, edit for you, take pictures, and do your SEO.

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Running a daycare is rewarding and stressful, let us help you worry about one less thing

Dedicated Solutions

We want to showcase your great work. We have created sets of solution for markets such as daycares - Parent informatory, Calendar, Image Gallery, staff bios, and text and video testimonials

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Your website here

Already have a website?

With one of our service plans you will always have someone that will ensure the website is up to date and be there to make any changes necessary - so that your website will always reflect what is going on or coming up in your business

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Technology and Media solutions for small businesses

Your own website is just around the corner

Treetop Consulting is an Edmonton, Alberta based web design and development company for the fellow small business owner.

We know that although you are small now, you want to grow.

We know that you have been thinking about a website, that you know how critical it is for new clients to find you, but that you are very cautious because you are running on a tight budget, and you have heard that getting a website is expensive.

We also know that you might not be certain about what technologies are out there right now, and how you can use them now.

We are here to help

We can work within YOUR budget to help you figure out how to achieve YOUR goals within YOUR market.

We work beyond the simple website – we incorporate social media development, content creation, media relations, education programs, video production, customer management solutions and more…. Sounds like too much? don’t worry – if all you need is something basic – we do it too. Heck, that’s what we specialize in.

If your business is one person or more, if you serve clients that have access to internet, if your business is an idea running on pocket change and scrapped income, then you can still benefit from our services.

“What if I represent an established medium sized organization?”

Our service portfolio includes promotions, social media management, media relations, online payment forms for events, video productions, education sessions, and customer management solutions. Our services are scalable to your business need.
Not sure if you need any of those? let’s sit down and talk.

“I have already a website, I just need someone to help me maintain or upgrade it”

We understand the frustration. Maybe someone once build a website and now they are not available to make all the running changes. Maybe your personnel and clients mention in passing that ‘you should really update your website’. Maybe you still have those photos from the event you held a while ago that you know you should put up,¬†and though you know you can make some of those changes yourself, you wish you could change much more. We are here for you. With our project based, monthly based, or retainer based plans, we can be your website maintenance people. Just a short phone call or email away from keeping your website up to date, always.

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